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Wealth Transfer Planning

People often believe that a “simple will” will address all their needs and objectives in transferring their assets to the next generation. This is often the result of not knowing all their options. Wealth transfer planning is meant to identify the tax consequences and hurdles that may arise after death and then develop a plan to minimize their effect. Each family is different and no one technique works for everyone. We work hard to develop a unique plan that meets your family’s goals and objectives.

If you knew you could protect the assets you pass on to your beneficiaries from their creditors, divorce, lawsuits, or themselves, would you want to? The primary goal of wealth transfer planning is to preserve your values and the corresponding protection of your beneficiaries. With all the potential risks, you can design a plan that gives your beneficiaries the support and maintenance they need, while also safeguarding them. Outright distributions can, and often do, have a devastating effect on the recipient. Comprehensive estate planning will ask the right questions and provide the solutions you want and need.

Legacy Law Group, LLC will guide you through the planning process into a plan that should motivate, inspire, and enhance the lives of your beneficiaries. Our planning emphasizes the belief that wealth goes beyond just material possessions. It involves your heritage, family, and community.

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